Volunteer at Boys’ Town

Volunteers play important roles in Boys’ Town, from providing tuition and guitar lessons to organizing outings and helping out at our fundraising events. They are part of the Boys’ Town family. Training courses are provided for suitable volunteers to enhance their services to the Home and to facilitate in their personal development.


Many volunteering opportunities await you here in Boys’ Town. You may contribute as a volunteer in the following ways:

  •    Volunteer as a Graphic Designer (Posters, brochures, etc.)
  •    Volunteer as a tutor
  •    Volunteer as a Physical Education (PE) Trainer
  •    Volunteer as a Musical Instrument Instructor
  •    Volunteer as a Hip Hop Dance Instructor
  •    Organise sports and games clinics
  •    Coordinate programmes in areas such as dance, music, arts, cooking, photography etc
  •    Organise incentive trips, outings
  •    Plan new, creative and fun outreach projects that involve the family / community
  •    Organise fund-raising events
  •    Provide administrative support, building maintenance or driving services
  •    Be a sponsor to the boys