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Sanctuary care

A community respite care service for parents in crises

About Sanctuary care

Sanctuary Care helps low-income families with limited or no suitable social support systems by providing their young children with respite care services while the families work towards resolving their crisis such as medical emergencies, financial needs and more. We work with the family and the community social workers to ascertain the duration of placement and the needs of the family. Our partners include Family Service Centres (FSCs), hospitals, and shelters.

We seek to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable infants and children in Singapore by providing respite care, a form of protection, and safe refuge within a family-based environment. We offer a support system to help struggling parents and families facing crises to care for their infants and children.

While our dedicated volunteers open their hearts and homes to care for the children, our caseworkers work with community workers and the parents on addressing issues that may hinder them from providing the best care for their children.

Provide care and shelter for children (up to 90 days)

For infants and children up to 8 years of age

Children in respite care arrangements that last beyond a week will return home to their family every week to ensure regular contact and bonding with the natural family

We work closely with parents and respite carer to preserve as much of the child's home routine as possible and encourage the development of healthy habits