Sanctuary Care

Another caring service by Boys’ Town

Sanctuary Care looks after the needs of children by providing short term foster care and family support during periods of crisis, especially those at risk of being separated from their families.

Who We Are

Sanctuary Care is a fostering service by Boys’ Town to provide short-term care and shelter to infants and young children, and are referred in by community social workers.

The MSF Fostering service, under Boys’ Town however has their children all referred by Child Protective Services instead, with a much larger age range: new-borns to 18 years old.

What can we do for you?

• Provide short term foster care for your child while you manage a crisis

• Work closely with you and your support network to help you to access relevant supports in the community so you can resume the care of your child

• Support weekly access between you and your child

• Provide ongoing support and assistance to you while your child is with us and provide aftercare for a period after your child returns home