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Community respite care services for infants and children of families in crises


We understand the importance of respite care in offering assistance during challenging times, particularly for low-income families in Singapore. Sanctuary Care helps the low-income families with limited or no suitable social support systems by providing their young children with respite care services while the families work towards resolving their crisis such as medical emergencies, financial needs and more. We work with the family and the community social workers to ascertain the duration of placement and the needs of the family. Our partners include Family Service Centres (FSCs), hospitals, and shelters.

We seek to safeguard the welfare of vulnerable infants and children in Singapore by providing respite care, a form of protection, and safe refuge within a family-based environment. Our respite care services offer a support system to help struggling parents and families facing crises to care for their infants and children.

While our dedicated volunteers open their hearts and homes to care for the children, our caseworkers work with community workers and the parents on addressing issues that may hinder them from providing the best respite care for their children.

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Provide care and shelter for children up to 90 days

Provide care and shelter for infants and children up to 8 years of age

Children in respite care arrangements that last beyond a week will return home to their family every week to ensure regular contact and bonding with the natural family

We work closely with parents and respite carer to preserve as much of the child's home routine as possible and encourage the development of healthy habits


The ARC program adopts a child-centric framework and functions to provide an interim respite care support for the parents as they work towards resolving their own crises. Through our direct support for the child, the community social worker is then able to work with parents to put in place longer-term support systems (eg. vocational, familial, and medical accommodation).

OARS nurtures Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in children through engaging indoor and outdoor activities. It is a half day activity that is presently conducted in monthly basis. Designed for children aged 5 to 8, these activities equip them with essential life skills while offering a fun and supportive environment. Parents or caregivers will have.

Through annual campaigns, we reach out to the public to raise awareness about our services and educate them about effective parenting stress-coping skills. Initiatives like the Festival of Children and the Milk and Diaper Run assist low-income families by providing essential items and support.


The heart of our respite care programme lies with our dedicated caregivers. Their unwavering dedication opens doors to a stable and nurturing environment for children facing tumultuous times. By opening their homes and hearts, these caregivers provide a haven of comfort, ensuring children's safety and emotional well-being. Their compassionate contributions shape the lives of these children and foster resilience in times of adversity.


Find out what it is like to be a respite carer here:

  • Our respite carer families come from all over the world
  • They share a love for children and want to provide respite children with a safe and happy environment in order to support a family through a crisis
  • They commit to supporting weekly access and providing updates so that respite children remain connected with their own families despite being apart
  • Their service is purely voluntary, and they receive no stipend
  • They have undergone an assessment process of a home assessment, 2 to 3 interview sessions, and a panel discussion

Check Eligibility

  • 28 years old and above
  • Minimum household income of $3,000 (nett)
  • Residing in Singapore for at least the next one year
  • Experience in caring for children
  • Willing to provide a child-safe environment
  • Willing to work with the Sanctuary Care Team and other professionals

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Respite Care Services

Respite caregiving offers short-term breaks for families, fostering provides temporary care and support, while adoption is a permanent legal arrangement. Respite caregivers provide support during crises, foster parents provide temporary assistance, and adoptive parents provide a forever home. Our child protection services in Singapore cater to distinct needs within the child welfare framework.

The duration of a child's respite care with Boys’ Town depends on individual circumstances and needs. It can range from short-term breaks to longer periods (recurring up to 90 days), providing essential support during family crises and ensuring the child's well-being while parents resolve challenges.

Boys' Town provides respite care for children from newborn infants up to the age of 8. This age range ensures that our services cater to young ones during critical developmental stages, offering essential support for families facing crises and contributing to the child's well-being and stability.

Boys' Town maintains regular contact between the child in our respite care programme and their natural family through weekly updates, and scheduled visits, calls, or meetings. We recognise the importance of preserving family relationships while ensuring the child's safety and well-being. Open communication and engagement are prioritised, facilitating a supportive environment for the child and their natural family during respite care.

Respite caregivers at Boys' Town receive comprehensive support, including training, guidance, and resources. We provide essential knowledge and skills to ensure caregivers are well-equipped to offer nurturing care. Ongoing assistance, regular check-ins, and access to a network of professionals ensure respite caregivers have the necessary tools to create a safe and supportive environment for the children under their care.

Sanctuary Care assists families facing crises like medical emergencies or financial challenges. We provide respite care services to low-income families, ensuring that vulnerable infants and children have a safe and nurturing environment during these critical times. Our goal is to support these families in overcoming their difficulties while safeguarding the well-being of the children involved.

New respite caregivers receive comprehensive training and valuable resources from Boys' Town. These resources include guidance on child care, communication, and crisis management. We aim to equip caregivers with the essential skills to provide children with a safe and nurturing environment under their supervision. Regular check-ins and ongoing support ensure that caregivers feel confident and well-prepared to offer respite care to children in need.

Boys' Town offers respite care on both short-term and longer-term bases. Our services are tailored to the needs of families facing crises. Whether you can provide respite care for a few hours a day, or a recurring arrangement, your support contributes significantly to ensuring the well-being and stability of the children under our care.

Boys' Town offers immediate support and guidance in case of challenges or issues during respite care. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with caregivers to address any concerns. We conduct regular meetings and check-ins to provide our respite caregivers with a platform where they can discuss any issues or challenges they are facing. We also keep an open line of communication to encourage our caregivers, the children, and the families in our respite care programme to ensure that challenges are promptly resolved, creating a positive and nurturing environment for the child in need.