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Residential Services

A Children And Young Persons home for boys aged 10-21 years old


Boys’ Town Residential Services is a Children and Young Persons Home providing residential care programmes for children and young persons in Singapore between the age of 10-21 years old. Residential Services only provides residential care programmes to male residents. Children and young persons admitted into these homes are those who are: from dysfunctional families and in need of shelter; abused or neglected; in need of care and protection; under family guidance orders; and in conflict with the Law.



For boys aged 10 to 16 with child protection concerns. They usually come from abused or neglected family background, and some may also be facing social and economic difficulties at home.

Approach: Uses Trauma-Informed Care as the backbone of the work to ensure safety and empower the residents. As these boys have higher needs, they will be assigned a mentor each to guide and support them throughout their stay.

Group Home

For boys aged 13 to 16 who exhibit delinquent traits and are under the Family Guidance Order (previously known as Beyond Parental Control) or under a Probation Order. These boys tend to show higher risk issues such as stealing, running away from home etc.

Approach: With "Social Control Theory" as a theoretical framework, employs socialisation to decrease the chances of deliquent behaviour.

Therapeutic Group Home (TGH)

A residential treatment programme for boys aged 13 and above who have experienced significant trauma and exhibit severe emotional and behavioural dysregulation which affect their daily functioning.

Each resident will stay in TGH between 12 – 18 months period. Weekly therapy sessions will be conducted with TGH Clinical team.

Approach: Adopts Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) and Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) in their model of care. Regular group sessions will be conducted to teach residents on emotional regulation techniques.


An independent unit that is designed for youths between 17 – 21 years old who have no other forms of family support.

Monthly group work sessions are conducted to equip the hostel residents on independent living skills such as financial management, and self management.

Approach: Assigned social worker to work on individual issues and monthly group work to build peer social support.