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Our Milieu Project

An initiative involving interprofessional collaboration to promote children’s and youth’s mental well-being through mental health youth outreach programmes

About Our Milieu Project

Our Milieu Project (OMP) is a pilot project launched to promote a series of children and youth programmes and initiatives targeting mental health and overall well-being. In an era where mental health challenges are increasingly prevalent among the younger population, the need for comprehensive support systems and greater awareness is more critical than ever.

This project is supported by the interprofessional collaboration of experts in children and youth work from Boys’ Town’s four key services—Clinical Intervention Centre, YouthReach, Adventure Centre, and Sanctuary Care. Inspired by Boys’ Town’s vision of a C.A.R.I.N.G milieu, OMP aims to bolster mental health outreach for children and youths. As part of its offerings, OMP provides mental fortitude training programme designed for young individuals at risk while promoting mental strength and emotional resilience in children and youths in our society.

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Designed as a mental health outreach programme for youths in Singapore, Our Milieu Project marks a significant stride forward in Boys’ Town’s commitment to nurturing the well-being of children and youth. Launched by four of our services, OMP seamlessly integrates the dual objectives of raising mental health awareness and supporting the mental resilience of young individuals.

Through a meticulously curated series of both online and onsite strength-based programmes and community-based engagements, such as mobile interventions, learning sessions, and exhibitions, the project strives to create a societal shift towards greater understanding and acceptance of mental health challenges. This effort thrives on the strong interprofessional collaboration among seasoned experts in children and youth work, dedicated to dismantling the stigma associated with mental health, encouraging open dialogue, and fostering a supportive environment where youths feel safe to seek help and express their struggles.

Simultaneously, OMP is committed to equipping children and youths as well as families and educators with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate mental health issues effectively. Through targeted workshops and interventions, the project empowers young individuals with coping strategies, emotional regulation techniques, and the confidence to build mental strength, emotional resilience and positive self-esteem. This comprehensive approach not only educates but also empowers youths to become advocates for their mental well-being and that of their peers, ensuring they are prepared to face life's challenges with strength and positivity.

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Social Media Campaigns

OMP's social media campaigns utilise Instagram to address key mental health topics, including self-care, managing anxiety, understanding emotions through colours, suicide awareness, and more. These concise, engaging posts aim to inform, support, and foster a community dialogue among youths on vital mental health issues.

School-Based And Community Roadshows

OMP extends its reach into schools and communities through dynamic onsite roadshows designed to immerse participants in the essentials of good mental health. Led by trained professionals, these roadshows guide participants through interactive booths focusing on mental health awareness, including play, movement, and coping skills. Attendees gain insights into supporting others and themselves, leaving with valuable resources on active coping strategies.

Pop-Up Stores: Canteen Outreach

Set within the lively atmosphere of school canteens, our pop-up stores offer a unique blend of play and engagement, specifically designed for youths. Staffed by enthusiastic youth workers, these spaces are dedicated to energising activities and games, fostering a sense of well-being and introducing mentorship in a fun, accessible manner. Here, students can explore mental health coping strategies while enjoying a series of interactive play activities, all aimed at enriching their school day experience.

Pop-Up Stores: Post-natal Stress Campaign

As a key component of our social support, help and outreach programme, another of our pop-up store concept is to encourage help seeking behaviour of parents struggling with post-natal stress. Through awareness building and debunking myths of post-natal stress, the pop-up store will provide resources and referrals for struggling parents. Though this campaign, we hope to provide a safe and supportive setting for infants and young children.

Expressive Arts Exhibition

The Expressive Arts Exhibition is a curated showcase aimed at increasing awareness of the stresses experienced by children and young people. Participants are first tasked to design art pieces which gives voice to the complex emotions and mental-health challenges within the young psyche. Next, the pieces are carefully curated and exhibited in a community space. The exhibit underscores the need for supportive dialogue and empathy in creating a nurturing environment for our young.

Parent-Child Adventure-Based Workshops

Supporting a child’s growth and mental wellness isn’t always straightforward. Our parent-child adventure-based workshops are designed to deepen family connections through well-being-focused activities. These engaging outdoor sessions not only foster improved parent-child communication, but also introduce techniques to build emotional regulation skills, resilience and a stronger sense of self. As families navigate these outdoor challenges together by choice, they cultivate a supportive environment that nurtures mental health, seamlessly blending personal growth with collective well-being.


Testimonial by Mr Masagos Zulkifli (Minister for Social and Family Development, Second Minister for Health & Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs)

Testimonial by a teacher

Testimonial by a teacher

FAQs About Our Programmes

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing world, youths face a myriad of challenges that can test their mental resilience. From academic pressures and social dynamics to navigating the complexities of online interactions, these experiences can significantly impact their mental well-being. Strengthening mental fortitude is crucial for youths as it equips them with the ability to cope with stress, overcome adversities, and approach life's challenges with confidence and positivity. Our mental health outreach programme focuses on building these skills, providing youths with the tools to nurture a positive mindset and develop protective factors that contribute to a stronger, more resilient self.

The Boys’ Town team comprises highly-qualified professionals with extensive experience in child and youth development, mental health, and education. Our staff includes certified psychologists, trained counsellors and social workers, who are dedicated to supporting the mental and emotional growth of youths.

By utilising evidence-based practices and engaging in continuous professional development, our team ensures that they are well-equipped to provide effective guidance and support. Their expertise allows them to tailor interventions that meet the unique needs of each youth, helping to nurture mental strength and emotional resilience within a supportive and understanding environment.

Alternatively, you may drop us an email at: marketing@boystown.org.sg or reach us at: 6690 5420.

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