Who We Are

We don’t just TEACH, We INSPIRE the desire for Adventure!

Since 2016, Boys’ Town Adventure Centre (BTAC) has connected children and youths to outdoor adventure through our individualised crafted programmes that are now under the quadrants of HEAL, GROW, FUN and ECO (new!).

Though a young Adventure group, BTAC stems from Boys’ Town 70 years of dedication in youth work where our specialisation is engaging children and youths of all ages. The Adventure Specialists at BTAC are trained professionals in the fields of youth work, outdoor adventure, psychology, and social work.

Children & Youth Activity

Gratitude Program

The Gratitude Program is a strength-based resilience programme that integrates psychoeducation segments with Activity-Based Learning to create a unique experience. The program aims to develop participants’ mental resilience to cope with adversities through gratitude building and practice. Through this program, participants will also develop a greater appreciation for their experiences and what they have.

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Abstract concepts are broken down into bite-sized information to educate participants on the importance and concept of gratitude to build their resilience. It also supports participants’ understanding and creates opportunities for them to draw parallels to their daily lives.

Activity-Based Learning

Activities are used in the programme as a tool to draw out learnings related to gratitude, such as developing a habit of gratitude as well as reinforcing the concepts of gratitude. Integrated with psychoeducation, this helps participants understand and transfer learning from the classroom to their daily lives in a fun and engaging manner.

Strength-Based Approach

The programme focuses on the strengths and resources of the participants to build resilience through gratitude. Harnessing participant’s internal strengths and available external resources, the programme aims to strengthen participants’ mental resilience to cope with adversities. 


This programme is suitable for individuals:

  • Age 13 and above
  • Who have difficulties coping with adversity (lack of resilience)
  • Who have low self-esteem (unable to find strengths in self)

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Children & Youth Activity

Project Riley

Project Riley is an anger management programme guided by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and utilizes Adventure-Based Learning, psychoeducation and group work as tools of intervention.

The programme aims to:

  • Engage participants who may have resistance towards conventional therapeutic support
  • Educate participants so they may have a better understanding of themselves and their emotions
  • Empower participants so they can develop a network of mutual support with collective resources
  • Equip participants with healthy anger management strategies and tools

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Educating participants on the concept of anger with the aim of developing self-awareness and self-acceptance, as well as exploring different strategies to help regulate oneself. 

Adventure-Based Learning

Freediving is introduced as a medium of intervention with the aim of supporting participants in developing self-awareness and regulating strategies. The skills learnt in freediving will be used as a transference of learning in the context of regulating their anger. 

Group Work

A key component of Project Riley is group work – a tool for reflection to consolidate and transfer the participants' learning from the programme to their daily lives. During group work, facilitators help participants normalize experiences, create a support system among the participants, and become a source of collective wisdom for the group. 


This programme is suitable for individuals:

  • Age 13 and above
  • Who have difficulties coping with anger

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Facility Rental Rate

Climbing Facilities
Rock-Climbing Wall

Wet Weather Contingency *

Abseiling Wall

Bouldering Room
$300 (half day) | $500 (full day)

$150 (half day) | $300 (full day)

$300 (half day) | $500 (full day)

$350 (half day) | $600 (full day)
Combo Deals
2 Rock-Climbing Walls

3 Rock-Climbing Walls

Tower Exclusive

1 Rock-Climbing Wall + Bouldering
$500 (half day) | $800 (full day)

$700 (half day) | $1,000 (full day)

$850 (half day) | $1,200 (full day)

$550 (half day) | $900 (full day)
Sports Facilities
Field (approximately 14 m x 15 m)

Basketball Court
$50 (half day) | $100 (full day)

$30 (half day) | $60 (full day)
Seminar Rooms
Seminar Room A
100-seaters theatre-style/ another setup can be arranged

Seminar Room B
200-seaters theatre-style/ another setup can be arranged

Seminar Room C
300-seaters theatre-style/ another setup can be arranged
$200 (half day) | $350 (full day)

$350 (half day) | $600 (full day)

$500 (half day) | $800 (full day)

Please note!

  1. Rental of facilities exclude program facilitation, equipment, furniture and whatever not stated.
  2. Facilities are subject to availability.
  3. Prices may vary from time to time or with any additional item/ request.
  4. Please contact adventurecentre@boystown.org.sg or call +65 6690 5420 for further enquiry.

Why choose BTAC?

In recent years, we have observed that the profile of at-risk youths appeared to be more challenging with their presenting problems which are often psycho-social in nature. While there are existing interventions in the form of counseling, expressive art and other therapies, there appears to be a need for a different approach in intervention to manage their growing needs and challenges.

What was realized is that traditional counseling, expressive art and basic play therapy didn’t engage the whole range of youth at risk. Many of these youths were very reserved and guarded in a typical therapeutic session and therapists required more time to work with these youths as their resistance were greater. However, it was noticed that when exposed to intense physical activities/training sessions over a period of time, these youths became more responsive and their learning abilities soared.

It was with moments like these, that their approach to life took on a new angle and they started to see possibilities to accomplish things for themselves, often times extending towards their studies.

As such, in 2014, Boys’ Town commissioned its very own specialized team to complement its existing youth services and programmes. In 2016, Boys’ Town kicked start Boys’ Town Adventure Centre (BTAC) which involved developing and conducting both indoor and outdoor therapeutic and developmental programmes for groups of both residential and non-residential children and youths.

It is our belief that adventure based programmes and therapy can be the next wave of intervention for children and youths in-need or at-risk, bringing them to a higher level of learning and effect lasting changes!

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