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We employ a youth-centered and strength-based approach in our outreach, developmental programmes and specialized intervention to develop and enhance personal, social and educational growth in the youths and help them reach their full potential in society. Intervention includes case management, individual counselling and Youth Development Programmes (YDPs).

YDPs are staff-led, youth-centered and trend-based programmes designed to provide intervention, learning and meaningful engagement. They may take on the form of dance, takraw, drama and music programmes.

Football YDP

About: This is our longest running programme. Led by Balestier Khalsa Football Club (BKFC), a founding member of the Singapore Premier League, BKFC’s distinguished coaches train the youths in the sport on a pro bono basis and the youths stand a chance to be selected for BKFC’s professional youth league.

Goal: Develop youths’ football skills and improve their personal development skills such as self-esteem and self-advocacy.

Post-Care programme: Project Seasons

About: Project Seasons was piloted in Boys’ Town in 2020 as a programme designed for youths soon to be discharged from residential homes and transitioning back to the community. This programme creates a safe and enjoyable space for the youths to reflect upon their experiences in residential care and discuss key issues they face.

Goal: Increase youths’ abilities and opportunities for self-expression and advocacy. Build a trusting, working relationship with youths for enhanced support in the community, upon post-discharge.

School-based intervention programme: Project Fireworks

About: A holiday programme catered for at-risk youths in schools. This programme provides youths a platform to express themselves and discuss their views around topics that matter to them, such as family, school, friendships, society and more.

Goal: Enable YouthReach staff and youths to familiarize with one another, therefore allowing the youths to approach YouthReach should they require support.

This programme is part of Our Milieu Project.

Hybrid school-based programme: Project PRISM

About: Piloted in 2021, Project PRISM stands for Paving Roads Into Students' Minds, and is catered towards the generic student population in schools. It seeks to understand the mental well-being of students in this time of rising concern for students’ mental health.

Goal: To provide a safe platform for students to understand and speak out about their mental well-being.