Staff Stories, July 2020

Ms. Teng Zi Ying

Deputy Lead, YouthReach

Q: What does YouthReach’s 10th anniversary mean to you?


YouthReach turning 10 feels momentous! The journey is quite comparable to that of the growth of a tree: Shooting upwards and flourishing with thick luscious leaves and delicious ripe fruits hanging off our branches. We have grown so much thanks to the amazing people who laid the strong foundation for YouthReach for it to be the success that it is today. Above all these past 10 years of work is part of those who are here and those who have been here; their collective passion and dedication to the cause is the source of motivation to push growth.

With reference to the tree analogy, their passionate work here at YouthReach adds to the tree - pruning, watering and fertilising together. Seeing all the progress we have done, I am grateful and spurred on to continue the beautiful work.

Q: What has been the most surprising about the journey in Boys’ Town for you so far?


Though I have been here for three years at Boys’ Town, I am continuously surprised by the depth and intensity of warmth, creativity, kindness, love and intelligence that the youths we work with or meet on the streets possess. I often feel incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to peek into their hearts and minds.

Also – I still get very surprised that youths even want to talk to us when we approach them on the streets! From my first day of outreach, up till now, I still get knots of nerves and excitement when we engage new youths. They are eager to engage with us as much as we want to engage with them.

Q: Can you share with us about where you hope YouthReach will be at its 20th anniversary?


I hope YouthReach will be the leading youth outreach agency in Singapore by the time it turns 20. I genuinely believe we can, with our client-centred ethos and unique blend of youth-based, creative interventions. Though we have come so far for our 10 years, we can always keep doing more and pushing to ensure that we fulfil our mission. I am sure the years leading to the big 20 and beyond would be filled with progress moving forward and engaging with youths through methods that will be perfected and inclusive for all.

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