Staff Stories, January 2020

Mr. Santhiran

Senior Youth Worker, Residential Services

Q: Why would you choose to work
here rather than somewhere else?

I wasn’t the easiest kid to handle while growing up, and my parents and teachers had to deal with a lot. I was very rebellious and took every opportunity to denounce authority. I faced a lot of challenges while growing up and my main coping mechanism tended to be acting out and being mischievous. However, thankfully, as I grew older, I met people in my life who mentored me and helped me become who I am today. They taught me that me going down the path that I was in would not only cause hurt to my loved ones, but would hurt me and my future as well.

Also, my father’s passing affected me greatly and opened my eyes to the fact that I had to fix my ways to help my mother. That was when I realised that these mentors of mine who are helping me have actually helped many others indirectly as well. Hence, to pay it forward as well as because of my natural affinity to work with the community, I decided to work in the social service sector. I have heard about Boys’ Town (BT) while growing up as a teenager and when I saw a job opening for the Youth Worker position, I immediately applied for it.

Q: Which three words best describe your work culture?

I think the best three words that describe the work culture here in BT is “Family, Empowerment, and Heartfelt”.

Here in BT, we are empowered to come up with plans and ideas that benefit the youths.

We have this family culture where everyone looks out for one another and will go the extra mile to help. The people here also work tirelessly, especially when it concerns someone’s learning and growth.

I have not seen anyone in BT working here for the sake of working. Everyone who works here believes in the cause of helping those who come from unfortunate situations and have been misguided in life. Every action carried out here comes from the bottom of our hearts.

I am really grateful to be a part of this family.

Q: How closely do different teams, departments and levels of management work and interact?

We have a family culture here in BT. So even though different teams have their own work and objectives, it never feels like we are working in silos. Every single month, colleagues from the different departments gather for our general meeting where we share the updates in the departments. After which there will be an after action review of sorts to give our inputs and opinions.

We also come together every quarterly to plan and execute major events like Flag Day, Family Fiesta, Charity Movie. This allows us to work hand in hand and also understand one another’s working style.

Like any organisation, there is a hierarchy in BT. Yet, the special thing about BT is that we are all very open to feedback and suggestions. An executive can openly give his feedback and suggestion to the Executive Director without fear of repercussion. Well, family really starts at the top indeed.

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