Staff Stories, September 2020

Mr. Rudy
Freeling Duke

Community Partnerships Executive,
Fostering Services

What has been the most fulfilling about your
journey with Boys’ Town so far?


My 5-year journey with Boys’ Town has been a very enriching and fulfilling experience thus far. The most fulfilling moments would be seeing foster children successfully reintegrate with their natural families and knowing that in a small way we have helped the children return home for good.

Moreover, seeing how the Fostering team has grown significantly over the years has been inspiring to me. It is a motivating experience to have like-minded individuals come together and strive towards a common goal to journey with our foster children. This has impacted me greatly and fuels my passion to reach out to more children in-need, ultimately leaving a sense of fulfilment in the long-term.

This is your 5th year working in Boys’ Town,
share with us what made you stay in this company?


Working in Boys’ Town has been a very pleasant journey. Boys’ Town offers a unique work environment promoting a family-like culture enabling each staff to work comfortably. Colleagues not only motivate one another but also take an interest in one another’s day to day lives outside of work. This creates a very tightly knit dependability among colleagues within the department, extending to the entire organisation and permeating through all services within Boys’ Town.

Even when faced with difficulties and an abundant workload, the reassurance and realisation from colleagues make a day of work enjoyable. This has kept me motivated and going every year to continue the good work Boys’ Town has been doing in the community for the longest time.

As part of the Boys’ Town Family Fiesta
organizing committee once again, what does
this event mean to you?


Boys’ Town Family Fiesta is an event where the Boys’ Town clients such as our foster families come together to interact with one another. It has always been a privilege to be part of the organising committee. It was indeed a challenging feat to gather everyone, but come event day it was very rewarding to see the foster families bond with one another. Having our foster children interact and play with one another and participate in our activities that were lined up for them was a joy to see.

Most importantly, I hope we have provided a means for our families to support one another through Family Fiesta and continue to keep in touch throughout the year even after the event has ended. This aspect is very fulfilling to me; being able to provide our foster families with yet another resource they can tap on with the hopes that this will ultimately benefit our foster children in the years to come.

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