Staff Stories, April 2020

Mr. Dylan Junior

Senior Estate Officer

Q: What inspired you to join Boys’ Town?


I was working at a well-paying multinational company for 2 years, but I was unhappy and unsatisfied. I strongly believe in living a purposeful life; I need to lead a life of service. I took a risk quitting my job and searched for a career where I could be of service to others.

I stumbled upon an opening at Boys’ Town as a Senior Estate Officer. I felt that it was aligned with my goal and I was also equipped for the job with my background in facilities management. Hence, ever since I joined Boys’ Town, my life has become much happier and fulfilling.

Q: Can you share your experiences working in this sector?


The best advice given by a senior at Boys’ Town was that as a Senior Estate Officer, I am responsible for the safety and well-being of the occupants of the building. If something bad happens, I bear responsibility. Thus, it dawned upon me that what I am doing is an important job in ensuring the safety of everyone visiting, working or staying there.

Recalling an incident where there was a water leakage in one of the rooms and I took the initiative to liaise with the contractors to rectify the situation. This ensured the smooth operation of the residential home, prevent damage to the building and above all, keep the residents and staff safe.

In addition to repair and rectification works, I handle the management of term contracts, licensing renewal, facility inspection and fire safety among other things. Estate Management is a lot of work but knowing the purpose of the job makes it enjoyable.

Q: What drives you to do what you do every day?


Waking up in the morning knowing what I do makes a difference in this world is a pleasant feeling. I feel motivated knowing that I work for an organization that makes a difference. Even though I may not work directly with the residents, I am sure that what I do impacts the lives of those at the estate.

Every employee at Boys' Town irrespective of their roles is committed to aiding those in need. I dare say that not many organizations have the privilege of saying that their work helps people.

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