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Our Milieu Project (OMP)

An initiative involving interprofessional collaboration to promote children and youth mental wellbeing

Project Fireworks
Project Fireworks is an expressive arts-based holiday programme catered for youths with identified behavioral risks in school.   Approach: Infusing a blend of drama, music, visual arts, music and movement, this programme provides youths with a platform to explore mental well-being and express their perspectives on key topics such as stressors…
Project Riley
An anger management programme that seeks to educate participants to have a better understanding of themselves and their relationship with anger; empower them as they develop a network of mutual support with collective resources; and to equip them with healthy emotional regulation strategies.   Approach: Guided by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy…
Gratitude Program
A strength-based resilience programme that aims to develop participants’ mental resilience to cope with adversities and develop a greater appreciation for what they have.   Our Approach: Integrating psychoeducation segments with activity-based learning to create a unique experience for participants to understand the concept of gratitude and its relevance to…
Surviving the Stress Jungle
A 1.5 hour talk exploring how we can combat stress by building awareness. Learn how to analyse and determine the sources of stress and apply healthy coping strategies.   Our Approach: Reflect and develop an action plan to cope with stress. Our Clients: All age groups.   Surviving the Stress…

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