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We provide a platform for youths to learn innovatively in a safe and controlled environment.

Boys’ Town Learning (BTL) - Teachers

BTL is designed as a temporary supplement to mainstream education and follows the Ministry of Education (MOE) approved curriculum. It offers a holistic, customised and structured environment for students from upper primary to upper secondary school. BTL aims to prepare these students to return to their regular school.

Work Readiness Attachment Programme (WRAP)

WRAP is designed for residents above 15 years old. With the kind support of our corporate partners, it seeks to expose students to real work environments where they can discover their passion and develop their skills, effectively preparing them for future employment.

Boys’ Town Learning – Tutor Volunteers

Our pool of volunteer tutors will be matched with residents who require additional academic support. Conducted weekly from Mondays to Wednesdays during the school term, we are thankful for our dedicated pool of volunteer tutors.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist in our tuition programme.