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March Newsletter Appeal 2024

A Village To Raise A Child

An infant’s journey through respite care

(18 March 2024 to 29 May 2024)

Crisis To Shelter

The early months are crucial to a child’s development, laying the foundation for future growth and well-being. However, for little Bryan*, barely a year old, his journey was marked by turmoil.

Amidst the cycle of domestic violence at home, Bryan and his siblings found themselves being chased out of their home by their father, leaving them homeless and vulnerable. It was a plight no child should endure. Fortunately, they managed to receive help and found refuge in a shelter.

Seeking Refuge In Boys' Town Sanctuary Care

As the shelter was not conducive to his well-being and development, Bryan was referred to Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care for short-term respite care services. For his mother, burdened with the weight of single parenthood, this decision was a difficult one. Parting with Bryan, even for a short while, proved to be an emotional struggle for her. However, it offered a short respite from the demands of caregiving, a chance for her to address her issues.

After hearing about his plight from Sanctuary Care’s Social Worker, our respite carer, Sheryl*, welcomed Bryan with open arms into her own home. As a mother of three children, her family has been supportive of helping families in need. Building trust and forming connections with an infant who experienced neglect was challenging. Sheryl dedicated herself to navigating these obstacles, separation anxiety and emotional barriers, all in the pursuit of nurturing a secure bond with Bryan. With each passing day, his development was shown in the smiles he shared with Sheryl’s family.

Heartfelt Farewell

As time progressed, Bryan's journey took a hopeful turn – his mother had resolved her situation and was able to reunite with Bryan. While Sheryl and her family were sad to see Bryan go, they were overjoyed knowing that they had helped nurture him to be ready to return where he belonged – with his natural family.

Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care has built a community of respite carers that selflessly gives their time to nurture and protect the most vulnerable. Their compassion leaves a mark on the hearts of the children they embrace, including Bryan, offering them hope and a chance for a better tomorrow.

*Not their real names **Stock images used

March Newsletter Appeal 2024

We appeal to your generosity and kindness to help us raise $150,000 from 18 March 2024 – 29 May 2024 through this Newsletter campaign. Donations received from this campaign will help to support Boys’ Town’s operations and programmes.

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