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March Newsletter Appeal 2023



Liam* and his family were trapped in an unfortunate situation but they were eventually able to bounce back.

Growing up, Liam's* parents were frequently absent from his life due to their involvement in substance abuse. He was then admitted to Boys' Town when his parents were arrested for drug offences. Upon admission into Boys' Town, he had difficulties adjusting to the new setting and harboured thoughts of self-harm. The instability of his home life impacted his ability to perform in school and Liam was unable to concentrate on his studies.

Bounce Back After Slipping Up

No journey is completed alone. Through his determination, along with the support and encouragement from his social worker, youth worker and counsellor at Boys' Town, Liam began to respond positively and eventually assimilated into the new environment. He began to open up and foster new friendships with other residents. The structured programme at Boys' Town also equipped him with much-needed support to cater to his academic needs. Beyond the Boys' Town environment, Liam's social worker also worked closely with his school teachers and sought volunteer tutors to assist him in the subjects that he was weak at.

Besides supporting Liam, his social worker contacted his parents after they were released from prison and provided them with strategies that could put them back on track. His parents also went through individual therapy sessions to equip them with positive parenting, supervision skills and intervention to stabilize themselves and their family life.

Onward Progression

After Liam returned to his family, his social worker continued to rally efforts around Liam and his parents. The social worker linked Liam's family with other resources in the community to ensure that they were closely monitored and supported. With the necessary resources provided to them, his parents remained employed and have stayed offence-free since then. As a result of his perseverance and grit, Liam also made great strides at school. He passed his national examinations and is doing well in his current school.

Liam's story is just one of many in our community. At Boys' Town, we give our best to serve to ensure that children and families like Liam receive the care and support they need to grow and thrive. With your support, we can help build a better future for these children in need.

*Not his real name

March Newsletter Appeal 2023

We appeal to your generosity and kindness to help us raise $150,000 from 6 March 2023 - 30 April 2023 through this newsletter campaign. Donations received from this campaign will help to support Boys' Town's operations and programmes.

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