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“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch” – Judy Blume

Make A Lasting Impression

Lilian* was 35 weeks pregnant, homeless and alone. The father of her baby had abandoned them both, and her parents had refused to let her return home after she had been released from prison. A month after she gave birth to her daughter, a social worker referred her to Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care to seek short-term care for her baby so that she would be free to work.

Alfred* was referred to Boys’ Town from Child Protection Services. His mother works on a part-time basis and is the main caregiver for her other younger children. This resulted in her having difficulty managing the stress of work and the financial obligation as a single mother. Alfred was the subject of emotional and physical abuses when residing with his mother.

Ariel*, one of our residential youths. comes from a single-parent family. His father recently passed away and as Ariel shared a very close relationship with his father, he struggled with grief over his father’s passing. It was around the same period that he became addicted to online gaming and did not attend school for several months.

*Not their real names to protect their identities

These are some examples of the struggles the children and youth who come through Boys’ Town face. You can make a lasting difference with your gift of love and help them rise above their circumstances.

Leave a Legacy Through:

Gift Through A Will

Gift Through Your CPF

Gift Through Insurance Policies

A Memorial Gift

Gift Through A Will

You may wish to consult a lawyer to draft a will in naming “Boys’ Town” as the beneficiary during your estate planning. Aside from monetary donations, you may also bequeath non-monetary donations such as properties, shares and bonds.

For more information on tax deduction for charitable donations, you may wish to refer to the advisory from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS):


Gift Through Your CPF

To nominate Boys’ Town as a beneficiary of your CPF savings, you will need to fill up the CPF Cash Nomination Form [Form 6A(1)] which can be found on the CPF website and at any CPF branch office.

For more information, please refer to the CPF webpage on nominations:


Gift Through Insurance Policies

You may include BOYS’ TOWN in your nomination by indicating the following in your policy nomination:

Name of Nominee: BOYS’ TOWN

UEN: 201534576H

Mailing Address: 624 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678212

Email Address: info@boystown.org.sg

A Memorial Gift

You may also choose to remember and honour your dearly departed loved ones by making a memorial gift to Boys’ Town. You may wish to donate online via https://applications.boystown.sg/donation/ or send a cheque made payable to Boys’ Town to 624 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678212.