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Clinical Intervention Centre

Provides psychological and therapeutic interventions, including counselling services, to children, youth and families


At the intensive end of the spectrum, we provide therapeutic support and intervention to improve the psychological, social or emotional well-being of children, youth and their families. This comes in the form of counselling and therapy, behavioural intervention and parenting work. Various emotional and behavioural difficulties are addressed utilising approaches such as person-centred therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, expressive therapies, and strength-based interventions. Moreover, our confidential and non-judgmental environment ensures a safe space for clients to receive intervention and mental health support.



We provide training and consultation for parents, schools, students, volunteers, peer supporters and other helping professionals so that we can integrate accessible and effective supports that foster healing and recovery. Workshops, coaching sessions, youth programmes and talks are pivotal components of our approach, addressing central themes like behavioural management, parenting strategies, trauma, and mental health. By nurturing collaborative partnerships and knowledge-sharing, we ensure a holistic support system that resonates with the concepts of mental health support for youths and children in Singapore and promotes the overall well-being of families in need.



We hope to increase awareness of mental health and the availability of resources by providing mental wellness talks and workshops for the community and participating in discussions to support various mental health initiatives. Our diverse range of topics includes Stress Management & Well-Being, focusing on the fundamental aspects of fostering mental health awareness among the younger generation. We also delve into the dynamics of Mental Wellness & Resilience in the Family, echoing our dedication to providing effective counselling services for children and youth. Our outreach extends to central themes like An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care, which plays a pivotal role in supporting vulnerable individuals, and Reaching Out & Supporting Others, reflecting our commitment to building a supportive community. These discussions are adaptable and designed to cater to your preferences.



At Boys' Town, our counselling services for children and youth are led by a team of skilled professionals devoted to enhancing mental health and well-being. Each member of our team brings expertise and experience in youth counselling, equipped with relevant degrees and accreditations in fields such as social work, counselling, and psychology. Meet the team at our children’s shelter:


Benjamin L. is a valued member of our team, holding a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from James Cook University and a Master's degree in Counselling from Monash University. With a background as a Youth Worker and Behavioural Specialist, Benjamin utilises Solution Focused Brief Therapy to help clients identify strengths, shift perspectives, and build resilience. He stays updated with best practices and maintains a high level of professional conduct.

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Boys' Town adopts a holistic and client-centred approach to youth counselling. Our approach encompasses understanding each individual's unique needs, providing a safe and supportive environment, and utilising evidence-based therapeutic techniques. We emphasise collaboration, empathy, and respect in our counselling sessions, empowering youth to explore their emotions, develop coping strategies, and work towards positive change in terms of their mental health. Our goal is to support their overall well-being and help them thrive in their personal and social lives.

At Boys' Town, we prioritise the confidentiality of our youth during counselling sessions. We strictly adhere to professional, ethical guidelines and legal requirements to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the information shared. Our counsellors maintain strict confidentiality, respecting the sensitive nature of the issues discussed. Information disclosed by the youth is kept confidential within the counselling team unless there are legal or safety concerns that require appropriate action. We aim to create a safe and trusting environment where youth feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Early intervention to turn their lives around for the better.

Alternatively, you may drop us an email at: cic@boystown.org.sg or reach us at: 6690 5420.

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