Christmas Appeal 2020

 1st Dec 2020 to 31 Jan 2021

Christmas Giving - Spread the Cheer!

We appeal to your generosity and kindness to help us raise $250,000 from 1 December 2020 to 31 January 2021 through this Christmas Appeal. Donations received from this appeal will help support Boys’ Town’s programmes and operations.

Please support us!Make a difference - transform their lives

Back in 1948, Boys’ Town was born out of a crisis to help war-torn orphans who were victims of World War II. Since then, we have served and moulded the lives of thousands of children and youths who have passed through the gates of Boys’ Town.

This Yuletide, we look back fondly at the past 72 years and how our residential boys of different generations spent their time and celebrated Christmas in Boys’ Town during their stay.

Photo taken before the COVID-19 enhanced measures implemented by the government

"In the 1960s, we had over 200 boys staying in the residential home. We were like one big family, with the youngest boy being 12 years old and the oldest at 19 years old. I was given the role of the head prefect of the dormitory to take care of the younger boys and also oversaw the Gabriel house with more than 50 boys.

Christmas was one of the special occasions that we looked forward to. We would receive presents, a nice meal and even get to watch a movie or go for an outing! We would also attend the midnight Christmas Mass at the St Joseph Church (Bukit Timah) next door. My three years in Boys’ Town allowed me to lead my life with confidence. Even till now, I am still quite attached to Boys’ Town and would often come back to visit the Brothers."

Steven, 70
Boys’ Town boy from 1967 – 1969


My brother and I stayed in Boys’ Town when I was 14. During my 4-year stay, the most memorable experience was when Brother Vincent brought a group of us from underprivileged families out for shopping. That was when I got my very first scientific calculator! For Christmas, my brother and I were fortunate to be able to return home to celebrate the holiday with our family and I really treasured the time. While there were a few boys who had to remain in Boys’ Town during this festive season, they would anticipate the special treat where the supervisors would bring them out for a meal.

My time in Boys’ Town has taught me to be disciplined which helped me a lot when I was in the army. I have also learnt to appreciate the little things in life and not to take things for granted. Thankful for what Boys’ Town has done for me, I continued to volunteer and give back to Boys’ Town.

Michael, 50
Boys’ Town boy from 1984 – 1987

During Christmas, I remembered the many gifts that were donated to us and we would have Mass, followed by a special Christmas dinner. Even though we were in Boys’ Town, we still got to enjoy the festive atmosphere.

As a boy who has spent 7+ years of his life here, I would say that Boys’ Town provided the motivation in my life as it has a structured programme to stretch the mind of a youth. If I imagine Life as driving along a road, Boys’ Town would be the car that jumpstarts mine when it runs out of battery so that I can start moving again.

Luke*, 23
Boys’ Town boy from 2008 – 2015

Luke’s Social Worker would like to share that he is a bright and avid reader and took part in various Boys’ Town’s programmes and learning journeys which helped built his self-confidence, teamwork and self-regulation skills. Currently pursuing a psychology degree in NUS, we are confident that Luke’s self-driven and persevering character would allow him to reach greater heights in the future.

*Not his real name

This is a stock image to protect the youth’s identity

As we battle with another crisis today to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, we strive to still provide normalcy to the young people under our care especially during this holiday season.

Your continued support will light up the lives of many more generations of vulnerable children and youths of Boys’ Town.

Wishing you and your family peace, joy and love this Christmas season!