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Children’s Day Special Appeal 2023

Seeing a Kinder World

through Tricia’s* Eyes

Tricia’s World...

Tricia's* journey as a child was not an easy one, as she faced many family challenges along the way. Tricia’s mother, Ms Helena*, although strong and determined in making sure that her daughter’s well-being came first, had to deal with the absence of Tricia's biological father, who did not want to be a part of their lives. Having not been in communication with her parents for several years, Ms Helena was also unable to seek support from her family. As a result, Tricia was deprived of the affection and care that her grandparents could have provided.

Life took an unexpected turn as Tricia and Ms Helena moved into their new home. A painful injury rendered the once strong mother helpless and unable to care and provide for her beloved daughter. After Ms Helena was admitted to the hospital, her situation was brought to the attention of Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care. Given the urgency of their situation, Sanctuary Care promptly sought for suitable respite carers in a couple of days. Thankfully the swift action enabled Tricia to receive care and support during her mother's stay at the hospital. The respite carers welcomed Tricia into their home while Ms Helena recovered peacefully, assured of her daughter's well-being.

This couple became Tricia’s temporary but loving family, offering basic necessities, as well as affection and care to ease the ache in Tricia’s heart. Tricia felt cherished and experienced moments of joy in this difficult time through her respite carers’ warm hugs and bedtime stories. While Ms Helena was recovering, Sanctuary Care social workers would reassure her by regularly sending her updates, complete with pictures of Tricia. This helped to bridge the distance between the mother and daughter and keep them connected. Eventually, Ms Helena successfully completed her recovery process and was able to reunite with Tricia and provide the care that she deserved.

As we celebrate Childrens’ Day, let us remember Tricia’s journey – a journey of resilience, the dedication of a mother’s love, and the community which supports her growth. Tricia’s story reminds us that every child deserves a childhood filled with support and the warmth of a loving family.

Boys’ Town Sanctuary Care provides a safety net for children and their families, allowing parents like Ms Helena to face temporary battles with peace of mind. On this special Children’s Day, we seek your generosity and kind support for our work in serving children like Tricia, who need a little help in their journey.

*Not their real names

**Stock images used

Children's Day Special Appeal 2023

We appeal to your generosity and kindness to help us raise $150,000 from 1 October 2023 – 30 November 2023 through this Children’s Day Special Appeal. The donations received will help support Boys’ Town’s programmes and operations.

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