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Little Hearts, Big Hearts

Involves both the children and their caregiver with the aim to de-stigmatize and promote help-seeking behaviour for mental health issues.

The programme is guided by the 5 Es:

Educate caregivers on relevant skills and knowledge of mental health and developmental needs of children
Empower caregivers to support their child through education and creating a network of mutual support using group work
Enhance children and youth’s self-esteem and resilience as protective factors against mental health issues
Equip children and youth with emotional regulation strategies
Engage individuals who may have resistance towards seeking conventional therapeutic support through adventure-based activities

Our Approach: Grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), adventure-based learning, and group work. This programme is multi-session.

Our Clients: Individuals aged 13 and above, and their respective caregivers, who are at risk of mental health issues.