The Spirit of Challenge: 500km walk
is a personal fundraising event to support Boys’ Town

We have successfully concluded the Spirit of Challenge: The 500KM Walk!
Thank you for all the support you have given us.

Former Boarder  |  Former Staff  |  Forever a Gabrielite

Boys’ Town holds a lot of fond memories for Harry Mealin, a former boarder when he was only 11.
Harry’s mother sent him to Boys’ Town when his father passed away as she was not able to look after him as a working mother. He later joined us as Programme Supervisor and went on to head the Residential Department, devoting nearly two decades of his life to Boys’ Town.

From being a boarder to heading the Residential Department, Harry’s sense of belonging and desire to serve the youths of Boys’ Town is evident. Boys’ Town is immensely thankful for his continued zest and support in our mission to help youths from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Now, Harry and his son, James, would like to lead a 500km walk as a personal event in support of Boys’ Town.

You too, can support Harry and James’ endeavours by donating to Boys’ Town! Your contribution will enable us to continue our work with the children, youths and families in need.

A Message from Harry

“Dear friends and family,

My 16 year-old son, James and I will be embarking on a challenge of 500km walk from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on Aug 3, 2019 for 12 days.

In 2015, I had led a team of youths on a 300km walk to raise funds for St Gabriel’s Foundation. I had no idea the impact it would create on my family! To my surprise, James asked if we could take on a greater challenge of 500km as he also became inspired to raise awareness on the needs of our underprivileged youths of today. As a father, I am both touched and awed by James’ aspirations.

Start date- 3 August 2019, Saturday
1) Singapore phase – 1 day 50km
2) Malaysia phase – (10 or 11 days) 450km

We hope that this will inspire you to donate to Boys’ Town so that they can continue impacting the lives of the clients they serve. All donations will go directly to Boys’ Town’s to support their operations and programmes. Our target is to raise $100,000 and more.

Your support in this is greatly appreciated by both James and me.

THANK YOU for your kind support and we look forward to the Challenge! God bless all.”